Daily maintenance of leather bags

1. Avoid moisture
All leather goods should be protected from moisture.
Natural cortex has its own patterns and pores. Once it encounters water, these pores will swell and deform the cortex. But if you accidentally contaminate water, you can choose to wipe it with a soft towel and dry it in a cool and ventilated place. It should be noted that it must not be exposed to the sun or close to a heater. Fast drying will prevent the leather from recovering. Soft and original elasticity. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a hair dryer to dry it in cold air, and finally apply a layer of leather special care agent to keep it delicate and shiny.
At the same time, it is not recommended to use waterproof and dustproof spray. This kind of spray is very common, and the initial effect is also good. But because chemical agents have certain damage to the dermis, long-term use may cause hardening and cracking of the cortex.
2. Wipe often
Genuine leather bags will be stained with sweat, dust, oily smoke and other stains during use, so often wipe your bag to keep it away from these injuries.
3. Avoid high temperature
Aaan found that some little fairies talked about drying the bag directly in the oven or exposing it to the sun after being soaked. This will cause great damage to the cortex, because high temperature will seriously damage the cortex, making its color fade and shortening its service life. .
When going out, the fairies don't put their bags in the car. The bag in the trunk will experience the high temperature in summer and low temperature in winter, which will cause the oil in the leather to volatilize, and the leather will harden, crack and age.
4. Avoid contact with chemicals and sharp objects
Many chemicals such as lotion and nail polish will corrode the leather and cause hard-to-repair damage. Sharp objects such as knives and broken mirrors will scratch the leather. In this case, the leather bag will be difficult to recover, so it is small. Fairies must pay attention to the protection of leather bags when traveling~
5. Pay attention to the direction of the scales
Some snakeskin bags often have scales on the surface, these scales make the appearance of the bag more exquisite, but incorrect use and maintenance methods will cause these scales to lift or fall off. Anna especially reminded all the fairies, your snakeskin bag should not be stroked against the direction of the scales in normal use, and you should also follow the direction of the scales when wiping.
6. Placement of cosmetics
Little fairies should put cosmetics and mirrors in the cosmetic bag, and then put the cosmetic bag in the leather bag, so as to avoid the leakage of cosmetics and damage the leather.
7. Deal with wrinkles
Leather bags may be wrinkled due to improper use. Some less serious wrinkles can be handled by little fairies themselves:
A. Spread a clean, non-fading cloth on the table, then put the wrinkled leather surface on the cloth, and then put a heavy object wrapped in cloth on the other side, so that after a few days of pressing with the heavy object, the wrinkle Will be relieved.
B. You can choose a non-steam iron to improve wrinkles. Pay attention to the temperature when ironing, and try to control it at 60~70℃. It should be noted that when ironing, a layer of insulating cloth should be placed between the iron and the leather.
C. For severe wrinkles and deformation, it is best for the little fairies to send them to a professional leather care facility for professionals to deal with them.
8. Deal with minor wear
When the bag is slightly worn, you can apply a colorless and transparent leather care cream on the worn area, wait for it to gradually penetrate, and then polish it with a clean, dry cloth. In this way, not only can the leather restore its luster, but also can effectively lock the moisture in the leather to keep it soft.
9. Keep the gloss of the patent leather bag
The biggest feature of patent leather bags is the visually bright color, and with the passage of time, the brightness will become lower and lower. At this time, polishing agent can be used. Generally, once every two years is enough to maintain the gloss.
10. Maintenance of accessories is also very important
Many bags have metal accessories such as zippers, locks, etc. The maintenance of these accessories is also very important, because these accessories can make your bag look more beautiful. On the contrary, if these accessories are oxidized, it will make your The bags are stained with oxides, and these oxides are almost always difficult to clean.
11. Pay attention to dress
Do not wear dark clothes when using light-colored bags, especially dark jeans. Because the color on the clothes is easy to stain the bag, if it is a light-colored patent leather bag, it is more likely to be stained, and it is troublesome to repair.